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Thai Body Works

Introduction to Thai Massage

Licensed by the state of California, family-owned Thai Body Works has been in business for 15 years, providing soothing massages in a friendly and comfortable setting.     

Thai Massage is one of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai medicine, the others being herbal medicine and spiritual meditation. 

Effective and Invigorating Massages

The term "massage" conjures up images of something quite different from Thai massage, which even at its most basic, is a very complex sequence of:
  • Soft tissue pressing
  • Stretching
  • Twisting 
  • Joint manipulation

Enjoy the Subtle Massage Differences

Thai Body Works has been in a process of constant evolution for over 1,000 years. Therefore it is not surprising to find many subtle variations in the techniques used by different practitioners. 

Even greater differences are apparent between the styles of body work characteristic of the north and south of Thailand.  Call us today to set up an appointment.  
Thai Body Works
"I've been getting massages for decades and Thai Body Works in Dana Point is among my best experiences. The blend of a firm massage, therapeutic oils, moist heat and deep stretching enables better mobility. You will move much better after your treatment!"

 - Cheryl M, Irvine, CA

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